Familiar Evil

Rannah Gray is an international award winning author of the true crime book, Familiar Evil, based on the international hunt for a child predator that sent shock waves from Louisiana to London. When a young British businessman connected with Rannah and shared the truth about a popular Baton Rouge television host who was a dangerous child predator, the two joined forces and worked with authorities in an international investigation that ended in an explosive conclusion.

Familiar Evil has 12 national and international book awards, including 8 Gold Medals for best True Crime and Best New Nonfiction.

For 13 years, she served as Associate Athletic Director at Louisiana State University, where she led one of the country’s most successful collegiate sports marketing programs, managing advertising, corporate partnerships, event promotions, radio and television programming, and ticket operations for 20 teams.

She previously served as Undersecretary to the Louisiana Secretary of State.

She is a graduate of LSU with both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Journalism. While she is a prolific writer, having served as a speechwriter, spokesperson, and image maker for clients throughout the country, this is her first book.

Rannah is a native of Chatawa, Mississippi, and resides in Baton Rouge where she provides expertise in advertising and public relations, media production, and community engagement to a broad base of clients.



With raw honesty and unparalleled access, Familiar Evil tells the story of one man’s international search for a child predator—how perseverance, courage, and the enduring belief in good over evil prove the power of one.

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Author Rannah Gray is available to speak about the powerful story behind Familiar Evil for your conference, workshop or other event. Please contact her at info@familiarevil.com.